About Us

FBJ will work to further expand our fleet of aircraft in order to continuing assisting
with your important business and leisure needs.

Message from the President

代表取締役社長 米原 愼一

In April 2020, Fuji Business Jet Co., Ltd. (FBJ) became independent from Sizuoka Air Commuter Co., Ltd. (SACC) in light of the latter’s expansion, as a specialized aviation business company in the business jet area.

We had previously been operating our domestic business through two small CJ2+ Jets. And now, we have added the larger scale Falcon 2000 LXS aircraft and CJ4 Next Gen aircraft to our fleet.

Falcon 2000LXS is a full-fledged business jet capable of carrying up to ten passenger non-stop to Singapore from Tokyo and CJ4 Next Gen is the Cessna’s state-of-the-art aircraft which will be used for domestic flights, but also for short-haul international flights though we are preparing to offer international services in the future.

We have finally entered an era in which the Japanese business jet market is comprised of business jets duly registered in Japan - instead of aircraft registered to foreign countries, as was typical in the past – and operated by Japanese crews and maintained by Japanese engineers.

FBJ is also a certified maintenance provider for Falcon and Cessna Citation, which allow us to perform repairs – even major repairs – on these aircraft.

In Shizuoka Airport and Matsumoto Airport, we provide Fixed Base Operator (FBO) service including an exclusive lounge and refueling etc. in a comprehensive manner.

Since SACC’s founding in 1991, we have committed safe operations and has maintained a record of accident-free operations by improving the quality of its maintenance and operations, based on strict compliance with laws and regulations and we will inherit and adhere to this mentality as well.

We will work with the local community to contribute to society, as a new business jet pioneer, making our way from the skies of Shizuoka to the world.

President and CEO
Gentaro Toya

FBJ Business Philosophy

01 Ensuring safe operations

After becoming independent, FBJ has also worked to further safe operations and improve our record of accident-free operations.

Safety Report(PDF)

02 Contributing to society and coexisting with the local community

We are committed to coexisting with the local community, and making further contributions to society from our base in Shizuoka Airport.

03 Taking on new business challenges

We will actively work on new businesses and continue to take on new challenges in compliance with laws and regulations.

Company Overview

Company Name Fuji Business Jet Co., Ltd.
Representative Toya Gentaro, President
Established September 6, 2019
Capital 10 million yen
Business Category
  • Air transportation business
  • Aircraft charter business
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO): General service provider for business jets
  • Aircraft repair and maintenance service business
  • Aircraft hangar business
  • Air transportation agency business
  • Aircraft leasing business, etc.
Business Permits East Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Transport Business and Aircraft Use Business License (East Air Transport System No. 108)
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Certified Business Site No. 253
Address < Head Office, Shizuoka Airport >
3520-11, Sakaguchi, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0411
Shareholders Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.
Affiliated companies